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Running a nonprofit is challenging enough without worrying about funding or volunteers. Unfortunately, the reality is that both of these issues are constant concerns for the average nonprofit organization.

There are several ways to handle this when it comes to finding more hands to run a nonprofit. Many organizations may opt to post job listings, reach out online, or post fliers. Alternatively, there is always the possibility of turning donors into volunteers. Let’s discuss this in further detail.

Turning Donors into Volunteers

One might wonder why nonprofit organizations would want to turn donors into volunteers. Targeting donors for volunteer opportunities is an ideal play, as they have already showcased a commitment to the organization. After all, they’re already willing to spend their money to help; why not see if they are willing to spend their time?

Studies and experience have shown an intrinsic connection between donating and volunteering. People participating in one activity (donating) are more likely to be convinced to help in other capacities (volunteering). The reverse is also true. This is something to keep in mind for organizations with plenty of volunteers but could use a few more donations.

Let Donors Know About Volunteer Opportunities

The average person is more willing to volunteer than you might realize. The trick is letting them know how they can help. Naturally, this means that the best way to turn donors into volunteers is by letting them know about existing volunteer opportunities.

Utilize your donor registries to send out emails or other updates, including any potential avenues for volunteering. Make these updates exciting and eye-catching to ensure that your donors pay attention.

While not all donations will receive a thank you card, many do. Consider adding a little note about volunteer opportunities when sending out these thank you letters. They’re a quick way to spread the word.

Post on the Nonprofit’s Website

Nonprofits need to make it easier for people to find information about volunteering. Ideally, they should include a space on their website. Something easy to find and even easier to read. This way, new donors can find their way to these volunteer opportunities.

In other words, maintain a volunteer opportunity page on the website. These opportunities should be regularly updated (like job listings) to provide potential volunteers with the most accurate information possible.

Like a job listing board, ensure it is easy to find more information about each volunteer opportunity. For example, if prospective volunteers need to fill out a form to apply, make sure to include a link to that form so they can get started right away.